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Joey Clanton began his racing career at birth. Son of legendary dirt track racer and hero, Billy Clanton,  Joey has been at racetracks and working on cars since he can remember. Today you can utilize his NASCAR and short track experience and obtain maximum performance and the racing results you desire. 

  • RACE TEAM CONSULTING: We teach strategy, chassis changes, driving style and smoothness, all the elements to race "smart." These sessions will give the drivers the opportunity to work with Joey Clanton in an atmosphere where fine-tuning can occur and driver confidence can build. As a result of the comprehensive test sessions both driver and team will then be poised and ready to go for the win at each event. For more Information.  Click Here

  • CHASSIS SET UP: Joey will direct the chassis program from both the car set-up and driver coaching perspectives so the effort will be equally strong.  Joey, will be a hands onmanager and will oversee the preparation effort at the shop and make all the calls on your perfect set up.  Click Here

  • TIRE CUTTING: Your tire cutting specialist equipped to handle any project.  For quality and value, contact us today for your greatest  performance! Click Here

2002 A.S.A Champion
"Helping you reach the checkered flag"

Joey Clanton Motorsports is excited to get the 2018 season underway.